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Urban Landscape Construction Notes
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Fixed line drawing

Accordance with the construction plan drawings, for planting trees need constant pit spacing scribed.


According seedlings specifications, determine the width and depth of the pit. Diameter of 5 cm and a height of 2 meters to 2.5 meters above the trees and evergreens, Pits diameter of 100 cm and a depth of 70 cm; diameter more than 3 cm seedlings, digging with a diameter of more than 60 cm, 60 cm deep above; other nursery stock specifications of more than 50 cm in diameter, 50 cm deep or more.

Soil replacement

When digging, topsoil and subsoil should be piled separately, when planting the topsoil to fill the lower part of the pit, subsoil fill the upper part of the pit, increase soil fertility. Ash encounter as stone, slate and other places during unfavorable soil on plant growth, the need for soil replacement; when soil replacement, the choice of high organic content, fertile soil, good drainage properties of soil.


Try to protect the root lifter, with more fibrous roots. Deciduous trees more than 5 cm in diameter, the root should be less than 20 cm; evergreen to bring soil ball wrapped around rope, do not pine seedlings soil ball lingers; soil ball diameter of not less than 1/4 of the diameter of the crown, by tree may be, should be small cylindrical, conical should be large.

Yun Miao

Deciduous trees, shrubs after the lifter, the excess should be cut and dead branches for transport; evergreen tree branches to try to protect the integrity and beautiful tree, so that the day of planting seedlings shipped the same day.


Before planting, want to rot, dry root pruning and root pruning requires smooth notches, to facilitate healing, and disinfect the soil and roots. Difficulty of rooting species abt soak, then layered filling, compacted, leaving no gaps.

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