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Brush cutter blade maintenance knowledge
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Brush cutter for use in the garden is very extensive job today, garden machinery blade factory will talk to you about the brush cutter blade maintenance problems.

1.Removing the spark plug 1. The spark plug, clean up soot measurement (electrode) gap in between 0.6 and 0.7 mm;

2.Maintenance and cleaning the fuel tank fuel filter to the engine fuel poured out, remove the filter and gently clean; remove attached to the fuel tank in the water and dirt;

3.Cooling fins dirty through the hood to check if dirty to clean up;

Garden machinery blade

4.Check the fuel pipe fuel pipe, if aging or oil spills must be promptly replaced;

5.The timely replacement of blades and nylon disc.

6、Save the fuel tank of fuel poured out, and then empty the fuel tank of fuel, the blade cover is mounted to the blade, the lawn mower into a clean place.

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